Portraits of Gifted

We asked some of our fabulous regular customers to take part in our 'Portraits of Gifted' project. We thought it would be a great way to show you a bit of what we do here. We recruited local photographer Richard Legge, who has done an amazing job of bringing our vision to reality. Huge thanks to all the participants - what an amazing community of customers we have!

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Occupation & Interests: Operations Director in Financial Services. Passionate about Open Water swimming 
Home Town: Live in Thaxted
Why do you shop at Gifted: 'Gifted is the ideal shop to go to if you are looking to treat someone or yourself. 
One of my favourite purchases was a book on The history of open water swimming (I bought 3 copies!) but I have purchased jewellery, birthday cards, Tea towels, clothes and the list goes on!
I also love the ‘Fill’ products and use lots of them. They are great quality, kinder to the environment  and cut down on my plastic waste.'

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Occupation & Interests: Stay at home mum, interested in promoting reusable products and environmentally friendly alternatives such as using a refill station.
Why do you shop at Gifted? 'I love having Gifted right in my hometown. A beautiful shop that consciously thinks about every product they sell in their store, the businesses they come from and their background. The refill station is my favourite part and I use this for many products in my home, such as the laundry powder, softener & cleaning products!'

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Gail & Freya

Occupation & Interests: Educator and Pokémon Expert

Home Town: Thaxted

Why do you shop at Gifted?

Gail : Gifted is a shop that is a bit like the Tardis-it expands once you enter! There is such a good range of items, we are really lucky to have it on our doorstep. We always end up buying more than we go in for as there’s no doubt something we see that is a ‘must have’. You always feel welcome coming in and it made us feel part of the community when we moved here-we were always greeted warmly and felt like we were becoming a ‘regular’! 

Freya: There is a really good cuddly toy part of the shop. At Christmas it is really exciting as there’s a hidden room at the back that has decorations in it. I really love Gifted because there’s games and puzzles that we have got from there that I love playing. 


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Occupation: Accountant

Home Town: Thaxted

Every time I go in the shop there’s something new to see - the stock is always changing, always relevant. It’s a browser’s paradise! I can go in for a card and come out with a card (and the rest) but it takes me at least half an hour.

The products aren’t the same old products made by the same old brands you see in every other shop - there’s real care taken in sourcing unique items. There’s a real emphasis on quality, ethical and environmentally friendly products so… guilt-free shopping! 

I could literally go in there and find something to gift to each one of my friends and family (“mature”/young, male/female). In fact, almost certainly, every one of them has received a present from Gifted!

Everything is beautiful! And beautifully displayed!

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Occupation: BBC Producer

Why do you shop at Gifted? 'I have used Gifted countless times to fulfill the need for a gift or card. I just tell Helen & Kathy who I'm buying for and they come up with lots of suggestions. It's then wrapped in tissue and put in a gift bag ready to give - it's a great service!'

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Occupation: Deputy Head of Digital Investments , Coutts & Co
Home Town: Bexley, Kent, now living in Thaxted.
Why do you like shopping at Gifted? I love shopping here for various reasons, mainly because they have the most incredible selection of gifts that are unique and quirky. 
You walk into the shop and are greeted with friendly faces, its personalised the products, and the experience. 
Favourite products, how do I choose? For me it has to be jewellery and clothing which I’m always drawn too. My collection is getting bigger and bigger by the day and enjoy having a clothing store on my doorstep. 
The best way to describe this little gem of shop, homely. It’s where I go when I need to buy presents, cards and sometimes a treat to cheer myself up and I always feel so at home. 

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Occupation: Free Spirit (aka retired)
Home Town: Thaxted
Why do you like shopping at Gifted? : Gifted is great for its uniqueness. I always find beautiful and original gifts and I love the refilling station and all the eco friendly products. The ethos of the shop is fantastic and the service is superb!

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Occupation: Artist & designer
Home Town: Thaxted
Why do you like shopping at Gifted? I would be completely honest in saying that Gifted is one of my favourite places to shop. I will always find something stylish and a little unique whether I’m buying for someone else or myself. Kathy and Helen are always happy to help and know their stock inside and out, they will usually suggest something that you might not have thought of. A shop that holds a rainbow of delights from sunglasses to books on a variation of subjects, jewellery to greetings cards, clothing (my personal favourite) to kitchen paraphernalia plus you can get your refills at the same time. What’s not to love?