Submission Process

We welcome submissions from designer-makers who have a proven sales history and will consider carefully each application that is made.

If you have a successful product range, with some sales history and are finding you don't have enough time to make and sell - then it may be worth considering wholesaling. However, please consider your pricing carefully before applying to us. Often we reject applications on purely financial grounds. We also reject items that are not of a high enough quality, design or simply just not the right aesthetic. 

Please send us the following information if you wish to be considered.

We require clear images of your products - either attached to your email or as a link to a website or social media page.
We need to know how many products are in your range and what pack sizes you have.
We require pricing information - the wholesale price of the items, your suggested retail price, minimum order value, and carriage paid order value. (see glossary for an explanation of these terms) plus tell us if you are VAT registered.
We need to know about your sales history and where you have been selling already.
We would also like to know about you, your business, any relevant qualifications, and your motivations.

We are happy to answer questions, email is usually best for this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your interest in Gifted - good luck!

email to:


Wholesaling - to sell products in larger quantities and at lower prices, typically to be sold on by retailers at a profit.

Wholesale price - a lower price that allows a retailer to make a profit. This can be around 50% of the retail price.

Retail price - the price goods are sold at, including 20% VAT

SRP - suggested retail price, a selling price, suggested by the maker or manufacturer that an item would typically be sold for.

RRP - recommended retail price same as above but more strictly adhered to be retailers and sometimes enforced by manufacturers.

Minimum order value - this is the minimum value that can be bought at wholesale price. A retailer needs to buy enough products to justify the lower prices. There would likely be a carriage charge on this order.

Carriage paid order value -a higher value order, which comes with free carriage.

Pack Size  - how many of each item we would buy. Mainly applies to greetings cards which are usually packed in sixes. Most other things would usually be in single units.